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Why Choose DragonflAI?


F1 Score

Tested on a wide variety of images, DragonflAI will continue to improve.



The average time to return a result on a Galaxy S9, offline.


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Why Transition to Phone-Based Moderation?

Worry-Free Hosting

DragonflAI stops indecent content from leaving mobile devices and reaching the internet meaning you never host, or even see this content.  

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Instant Results

Using the phone's GPU, DragonflAI detects whether an image meets your community standards instantly, either allowing or blocking the upload.

Scalable Moderation

Each user of your app brings their own computing power (their phones) to analyze their own content. Now you can focus on increasing users without worrying about increasing content volume for moderation. 

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DragonflAI As a leader in safety tech

Singular Company highlighted in Platform Governance:

"Platform level response to illegal content, including preventing illegal content from being published. Pre-moderation, detection, flagging and removal of illegal content at platform level"




How is this moderation different? 

By moderating on user devices before the content reaches the internet, you can be sure that your servers and platform don't host this content. This means less liability for you. 

Who sees the content?

If it is indecent, nobody. We run entirely offline on mobile phones to return a probability of indecent content. We do not see, save or share any content.

How easy is this to use? 

With multiple example integrations for developers, incorporating our SDK is one of the simplest processes available on the market for moderation. 

How do we know this software works? 

We are confident that our 97%+ accuracy rates will keep unwanted content off from your platform. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team entirely focussed on constantly improving accuracy and speed.

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