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Realtime Moderation for

Moderate livestreams, completely on-device before they are streamed to your platform.

✓ Eliminate server costs & liability

✓ Up & running in an afternoon

Moderation Designed for Growing Platforms 

A library dedicated to reducing platform liability and the cost of moderation.

01 / Install

With simple documentation and examples, get moderation for your app running in minutes.

02 / Push

Update the app to begin moderating offline instantly, without any backend infrastructure required. 

03 / Grow

Focus on growth and community management rather than retroactively moderating content.


Why use DragonflAI?

Focus on growth and community, not on moderation. 

Installed in Minutes

With simple documentation and examples, add moderation to your app in minutes

Forget Server Uptime

Within-app moderation eliminates server costs

Instant Moderation

Results in less than 100ms based on your community guidelines

Infinitely Scalable 

Each new user brings their own computing power; their phones

Reduce Liability

Prevent indecent content, including CSAM, from being uploaded

Unlimited User Uploads

Upload volume has no impact on moderation costs, it is all completed on device


Built for Apps

Highly accurate and lightweight algorithms designed specifically for phones.

Algorithm Size

Lightweight algorithm designed to minimise the size of your app.

<18 mb

Nudity Detection F1 Score

Tested on a wide variety of images, DragonflAI will continue to improve.


Analysis Time

Running on Samsung Galaxy S9+ installed within the DragonflAI app.


Try DragonflAI Now

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